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MECHANICCAREERS.NET Mechanic Careers is your comprehensive, guide to mechanic schools. Need information about quality schools for mechanic training? Educate yourself about about your auto mechanic training opportunities. Find info on mechanic schools, motorcycle mechanic careers, diesel mechanic careers, aircraft schools, marine mechanic schools and more.

If you are interested in a career in automotive training or even collision and refinishing, Mechanic Careers may provide you with only the finest technical colleges that may give you the opportunity for success in the automotive industry. Check out our feature mechanic technicians school and our other automotive technology education resources. We also provide the latest news in the automotive mechanic industry. Use our quick search by zip code interface, search by auto-manufacturer programs or read about all your mechanic school choices. is your one stop shop to find your career in the auto mechanic industry today.

Automotive Mechanic Schools

Automotive mechanics is an important field in todays busy life. With more automobiles and trucks on the road, and more repairs needed on a daily basis, dealers need auto technicians. Find out about this exciting and growing industy and the options that this career has to offer.

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Collision Repair Schools

With so many Collision Technician education programs to choose from, we have done the research for you. Check out the featured collision schools and find the auto-body school that is right for you. Receive the information straight from the collision school of you choice.

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Diesel Technician Schools

Specializing in Diesel and Auto-Diesel repair could be a great career move for many. Experienced diesel service technicians are in high demand and with the proper training and certification programs from a certified automotive-diesel school you could accelerate your diesel career.

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Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

Have you always wanted to work with motorcycles or specialize in repair work, rebuilding of engines or motorcycle body work? Due to their poplarity, there are many opportunities for motorcycle mechanics. Find out what these motorcycle repair programs have to offer.

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Marine Mechanic Schools

Marine mechanics are in demand like never before. With the usage of yachts, and cabin cruisers going up as well as personal watercraft at an all time high, a marine technicians career is a solid and exciting field. Check out our picks for marine technology repair.

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Aviation Technician Schools

Aircraft and avionics mechanics and technicians carry out maintenance, repairs, inspections mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Often called aircraft technicians, airframe technicians, powerplant or aviation maintenance technicians, this field is an important part of the industry.

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High Performance Schools

Specializing in Automotive Hi-Performance can be fun and exhilirating. Training for hi-performance includes getting an education in car modification, sport-tuning and dyno-testing. There are also NASCAR specific programs. Find out more about hi-performance training.

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CDL-Truck Driving Schools

Did you know that commercial driver's license (CDL) is required to drive large trucks? You could be behind the wheel of one of these great commercial vehicles, delivering everything from automobiles, construction equipment to much needed supplies to outlying areas.

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