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With the vast number of drivers on the road, there are always going to be accidents and fender benders each day. Auto body and Collision Technician Training will always be a commodity. Auto body Specialists are always in need and you can learn the skills and knowledge it takes to be one of these sought after Collision and Repair Technicians.

Collision technicians job scope - Collision and auto body specialists are responsible for fixing damage caused by accidents or collisions. As a collision mechanic you would find employment in a standard auto dealership, an auto body shop or even a manufacturing plant. Few bus and trucking companies also hire for in-house collision technicians. An auto-body tech can specialize in one type of repair or have a broader scope. They may choose to specialize in alignment or focus on painting. Some of the work that a collision tech would do would be, repair dented or damaged body sections, frame straightening, dent smoothing, filling dents, sanding and painting.

Collision specialists are in demand and collision technicians training and education is important if you are interested in joining this exciting field. Read about our feature collision schools and request the free information about how you can start receiving training at a top collision school today.

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